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How to Wear Waterproof Shower Protection

Begin by unpacking and unrolling BathGuard and the XBandage.
Slip BathGuard over the arm or leg above the cast or IV/Wound site you wish to protect.
Locate the Velcro tab on BathGuard and place it as shown.
Attach the XBandage to the Velcro pad on the BathGuard. It will help if you roll the XBandage with the Velcro pad to the outside prior to attaching it.
Roll The XBandage over the open end of the BathGuard extending several inches below and above the attachment point. By doing this you will insure a water tight seal. Please note that you should apply XBandage over skin, not clothing as our model is wearing.
Finish by attaching XBandage's Velcro pad onto itself.