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Waterproof Shower Cover - Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Can I put on BathGuard unassisted?
A-Typically yes. Assuming that there are no physical impairments beyond a cast or IV/wound site, most people will be able to easily put on BathGuard
. To view picture sequence, click here.

Q-Can I go swimming with BathGuard?
A-We do not recommend swimming with BathGuard
or any other protective product.

Q-I have a high-line PICC insertion. Can I still use BathGuard™?
A-Absolutely! Simply place the unit above the PICC line insertion and wrap the XBandage
strap in layers.  Wrap tightly

Q-I am a very large person. Will the one size fits all adult version fit me?
A-Yes, the adult version should fit. If your arm is very large or very long (or both) and you are worried about the arm unit fitting properly, use the leg unit. A professional basketball player was able to effectively cover an affected area by using a leg unit to cover his arm.

Q-After a hot shower / bath, I feel moisture inside of the vinyl sleeve, did the unit leak?
A-No, this is caused by either condensation within the unit as a result of hot water running on the exterior of the unit or perspiration of the skin. To prevent this, try not to take too hot of a shower or bathe for too long a period of time.

Q-Can I use BathGuard™ with a walking cast for outdoor use?
A-No. If you use BathGuard™ with a walking cast for walking outdoors, the material will become damaged on the bottom where constant contact with the ground occurs. The unit will no longer be fully waterproof. The unit was not made for walking outdoors.

Q-What is the warranty of the BathGuard™ product?
A-If the product ever fails due any reason, please contact us immediately and we will make arrangements for a replacement.

Have a question that we didn't answer? Click here info@medguard.net or call 1-800-713-1133. We will answer your email or call Monday - Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.